How to: Word of Mouth Brand Building

"You must try this place, Big Baldy's Backwoods BBQ. It is in the industrial district way out on the west side. It is kind of difficult to locate, but it is THE best bbq in all of _____ (insert city).” You’ve heard this before, or possibly you have given guidance in this way, about bbq or another food. It is interesting to discuss unique knowledge with friends.

The charisma of having a truly clever looking brand of eateries is simply too much for Baldy. When he began, he respected the success of Famous Dave's, though he scoffed at the food. With cash in the bank as well as a want to run together with the big lads, Mr. Baldy hires an agency to "create a uniform look and feel" for all his eateries. It is just the thing to do. !

Meanwhile, though you, average Joe/Josephine customer, enjoyed directing friends and family to the first westside hell hole eatery, it is somewhat less interesting now that there are 3 clean, bright, simple-to-reach places in town, and still less enjoyment when you crash into a BBBBbq place 1,000 miles away. Maybe you will even hear yourself say, such as the music afficionado, "I enjoyed them more when no one knew about them."

If Baldy needs 1,000 places, good luck locating and hiring 1,000 sweaty pitmasters who've the same commitment to realdeal bbq as he's. Good luck finding even one sweaty pitmaster to stand in for him. That is why folks go to Baldy; because he is a master, and bbq is not great unless it is cooked by a master. You can not actually duplicate a restaurant when the place and the folks behind the counter are the merchandise. For another instance of this, see the brilliant documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

But pimple-faced adolescents do a great-enough job flipping hamburgers. Maybe that is why chains like In-n-outside and Five Guys, each of which were, obviously, once single location eateries, keep a few of their initial "you must try this place" credibility . Both places sell food that is tasty but does not demand a high degree of ability to create, so customers know they can get real deal high quality fast food and quick-casual, respectively, hamburgers at any place. And they tell their buddies also.

Posted on May 14, 2015 at 12:04 PM