The Very Best Societal Media Man Writers, HubPages & Twitter (Part-I)

My expectation would be to create an outlet which features gifted writers and artist that have a passion for their craft. This really is also my way of thanking one of the very best social media outlets including the HubPages for creating the chance for writers and authors from all possible foundations to showcase their ability.

Gifted author Patrik Henry Bass is a enthusiastic dreamer, thinker, doer, and writer. Manager for Essence Magazine, a groundbreaking periodical that's been in existence for over 40 years. Delivering cutting edge advice to girls of all multicultural heritages, this intriguing magazine brings over eight million subscribers.

Writer Patrik Henry Bass is likewise an acclaimed journalist who touches on issues which has shaped the history of our nation. 'Like A Mighty Stream' , is about The March on Washington, among the very critical public events of the 20th century, is recalled in this astonishing novel that details the defining moment of the Civil Rights Movement. On August 28, 1963, individuals from many walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds, races and faiths came together to support a national civil rights initiative. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s rousing delivery of his now historic "I Have a Dream" speech indicated a turning point in United States modern history for a generation, a state, and the world. !

Tarrin's Hub posts are mainly satire pieces, however he does throw a serious one in every so often to see whether anyone is paying attention. He lives in Savannah, GA with many cats. He's best called an author of novels, however he's also acknowledged as a national freedom activist. Tarrin self-printed over 20 stories, five of which have made it to the Top 100 on Amazon. One of Lupo's novels was the #1 maximum-rated historical fiction eBook on Amazon for over five months straight.

Writer Word 55 has a Retro R&B flare, which sets him apart from the remainder. With a wide selection of poetry as well as various posts in all groups, writer Word 55, adds a religious tone to some of his posts and poetry.

After a 30 year career in the telecommunications sector, Bill sold a telecommunications and company management consulting practice in 2000 to continue a writing career. Bill composed for the Orlando Sentinel briefly following military service during the Vietnam War and during his profession as a consultant, Bill wrote often for the NTCA Rural Telecommunications Magazine. In 1995 Bill composed a nonfiction novel on the chances for local telephone companies to resell long distance service.

In 1994, Bill started work on his first novel, "Dial Tone" which he published as an ebook on Amazon/Kindle in July 2012. Since the mid-1990s Bill wrote another novel "The Song of the Mockingbird" which he also printed as an ebook on Amazon/Kindle in February 2013. Bill is now editing and preparing to print "No Place for a Lady" in mid-2013. Two other novels; “Ruby’s Story" and "Night Fire." are also underway. Look for them in 2014.

Some writers are observers, some of these writers do not assert to belong to anything, which makes them fair observers of life. Like the sweet U2 Song, " I still Have Not found what I am looking for." The attractiveness within these kinds of writers is the fact that they value the choices of others without ridicule. An open mind is their exceptional gift as a writer. Their purposeful calling through their journey for truthfulness, makes them destined to become bestselling writers. !

Wow Emunah! To be tagged to the heart and honored (in two different functions/areas in a single day) is overwhelming. I must do something right. I am happy you view me as a quality poet/writer among other quality and talented writers. Your ability to recognize such gifts and abilities is the Blast itself. What are you going to do next? :-)

Oh my God! I can not believe it. I simply want to voice what word55 and Blake83 have remarked here. I consider this as the very best honour so far I received. I never believed I 'll earn a spot among the glamorous hallway of The Very Best Social Media Man Writers: HubPages & Twitter. I'm also on the brink of some other landmark of receiving an accolade for 100 Featured Hubs. Thank you all for your kind support and encouragement. My Special thanks to swilliams.

Hi Blake! Keep discovering life! This really is your present, recording how you see life through a fair measure is a present. You might not have all of the replies but your journey will finally lead you to the truth. Live life, and keep writing!

Thanks Marie! It is a great strategy to categorize well known writers, and aspiring writers. This really is additionally an excellent resource for readers and literary agents to locate unique writers. It's motivating to hear from a Top Female Social Media Writer! Thank you for stopping by!

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