Branding and Its Importance in Brand Building

When we talk about brand, we think of a visual and verbal construction. This construction mainly goes by the name and logo associated with it. It turns out that the concept of brand carries in itself an even deeper meaning. It also leads to issues such as the values ​​of a company and the positioning it builds.

These and other issues that help build strong and memorable brands are acquired through branding.

But after all, what is a brand?

More than just your name or your logo, the brand is formed by the set of things that represent and refer you. This set works to make your business unique.

A brand can go far beyond the visual elements, such as: the characteristic smell of the perfume Chanel No. 5, the noise of a motor Harley Davidson, the characteristic green color of Tiffany & Co. All these elements are essential for the identification of a company and its products.

These points make the public identify your brand and differentiate it against the competition. They are the results of a successful communication strategy.

And what is your relationship with Branding?

Branding is precisely the management of a brand. It is the set of strategies that will guide actions and decisions in order to make them a better known and desired brand.

To create a brand that is relevant and unique to the consumer, it is essential to focus first on certain aspects. Some of them are: what we want to convey to the consumer as well as what is the impression we want him to have on it.

It is worth mentioning that the brand also depends very much on how your consumer remembers your product: it can be the best of the category, the cheapest, the most durable, anyway. It is important to fill the best "space" in the mind of the consumer when he remembers a certain category of product is what every brand craves. That is precisely what branding works for.

The main points of Branding

Wally Olin’s is one of the most well-known branding professionals. He defined the concept as follows: "Branding: persuading outsiders to buy and persuading those within to believe." That is: not only about what you sell, but what are the values ​​and the reasons that make you do what you do, making your product unique.

Brands that can deliver these values ​​create an even deeper connection with your consumer. This is because people have a tendency to consume branded products with which they most identify. It's not just a product you sell, it's the added value it carries.

There are three key things to keep in mind when it comes to branding:

Business Definition:

It is important to make clear what your product or service is offered. This is crucial for the consumer to be clear about their category. Making it easy to remember your brand when you need something related to your product category.

Branding and its benefits

Thinking about branding helps build a personality for your brand. This process is fundamental to make up your DNA. In addition, it defines what are the key attributes that should be thought of in any marketing and communication strategy for it.

Brands with well-positioned positioning and values ​​are much more likely to captivate consumers. Fidelising them and making them defenders of your company are also consequences.

Posted on May 25, 2018 at 02:00 PM