Branding: The 3 Steps of The Process of Building a Brand

One of the first things we think about when opening our own business is: how will my brand be? How will I make it convey my values? Often times, those who are starting out have a difficulty - which is normal - in reviewing what they feel for the brand, because, after all, it is they who will present to the market who you are and what you want with the new company. With this in mind, we have separated 3 basic steps that every owner or entrepreneur must follow along with their communication agency or designer:

1. The Briefing

The first part consists of a collection of data regarding the company / institution or even of a natural person who wants to elaborate the mark. The process, which should always be guided by a professional, takes place through interviews (phone calls, e-mail exchanges, focus groups and others) with the aim of absorbing as much information as possible, which we call a briefing. It's time to plan! Having good planning is fundamental to our day to day life, is not it? To build a brand too! Research, competitor analysis, media and market objectives, for example, are developed at this stage. Watch out! Many people do not like to go through this initial process, choosing to go directly to the design.

2. The Creation

This is where all the ideas and assimilations made from the initial briefing will be converted into a creative process. Ever heard of brainstorm? Translated as "storm of ideas" into Portuguese, this method has as a feature to put on paper all the ideas that come to the minds of creatives. Then only the best ideas will be brought forward for improvement. In relation to the mark, in this process are drawn several hand drawings, what we call raphe, where are contained all the elements that will compose the structure of the "logo" (icons, strokes, typography, colors and others). After much talk, creativity, study and hours of dedication, finally the creation reaches a consensus on what the brand should be, phew!

3. The Production

The last part is where the brand comes to life. With the help of computer graphics software, the producer receives the material and the guidelines of the creation to develop it within the previously planned. It is important to highlight that every brand should receive a visual identity manual, which is a brief booklet that talks about the applications of the brand in the different shades of background colors, showing through examples, what can and cannot be done. If you have created a name, do not forget to check your validation with INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) to register your trademark.

Posted on May 25, 2018 at 02:00 PM