TOP-10 Business Ideas of Our Time

We live in an era of entrepreneurship. All this is due to social networks, crowds and framing platforms, constant development of technologies that create comfortable conditions for the development of their business. The world does not stand still and every day presents many new trends. We have chosen the TOP-10 business ideas, which will definitely be in a trend and have every chance of success.

Subscription to gift boxes

The boxes that the courier delivers to you contain a lot of interesting things inside. And most importantly, you do not know about her insides. This is a rather original way of presenting for yourself, and for friends and relatives. Now the boxes cover many industries: cosmetics, entertainment, technology, food.

You just order a box, connected, for example, with food. As a result, you will have certificates for free visits to the restaurant, drinks as a gift and many other interesting things.

Apps for children

Almost every child today is able to use the phone better than parents. Therefore, creating mobile applications for children is a great idea. You will win the attention not only of the child, but also of the parents. Especially if it's an educational app.

Educational Courses

Yes, this trend is gaining momentum more and more. People want to learn and do self-development. So choose a popular niche and start acting. If the focus of your courses is really in demand - your business will be able to secure a profit.

Vans with food

Everyone likes to go to restaurants to eat delicious food. But not always on this is the time. Usually, if we are late for work, then we cannot afford to jump into a restaurant. Vans with food are called upon to solve this problem. You get a hearty and quality dish, at an affordable price, which you can eat along the way. The popularity of street food festivals proves the trending nature of this type of business.


The work in the office almost ceased to attract young people, and the fact of the restriction of freedom completely discourages the desire to work. Therefore, freelancing and gaining momentum. It's convenient, because you choose projects for yourself, agree on everything yourself. So, pay attention to it. Perhaps the creation of a convenient freelance exchange will turn into a profitable business?

Mobile consulting

Smartphones are an integral part of our life. Most of the time on the Internet, we are buried in the phone screen. But are sites adapted for mobile phones? If not, then this is a great chance to create a company that will be engaged in adapting the online part of companies for mobile devices.


Almost every business project strives to enter the international market. Therefore, the translation bureau is now in high demand. If you create a bureau with specialists who competently perform their work - large companies will gladly make you large and profitable orders.

Software training

Want to mount the video, but do not know how? Need to master office programs, but videos in YouTube do not help? Then offer the market software training, where consultants for little money will teach you to use programs that seemed irreconcilable. Such services are now in high demand.

Repair of smartphones

Every day someone drops his phone on the floor and smashes his screen. That's why this business will always be in demand. Open your service center is the right solution. The flow of customers will be provided in the same way as in any supermarket.

Business Training

If you have a lot of ideas in your head, it's time to create your own business. But how to do that? Especially for this, various courses have been created, like "Start Your Business". At such courses experienced businessmen share their experience, help to create a true business model and direct them to the right path.

Posted on May 25, 2018 at 02:00 PM