Techniques for Generating Business Ideas

Knowing the ways that foster creativity allows us to work on creating innovative and never before implemented business. New ideas have a high potential. Although the ideas are spontaneous and original there are ways to "force" the generation of ideas, hence the value of tools to support creativity.

An important aspect is that all people are creative, sometimes it is necessary to create the ideal conditions for the creative process to develop, that is, to warm the left side of the brain. If we focus and engage in the activity of generating ideas, we may be surprised with the results.

This article completes the articles on sources of business ideas, in fact this article should have been the first in the series. Other articles that might be interesting, to find business ideas:

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Introduction to creativity

Creativity is the activity linked to creation. And to create is to build, to give existence, to found, to build. Creativity is used to have ideas and to have ideas it is necessary to challenge the premises by changing the way we look at a situation, is to escape the rational and enter the field of the surreal or imaginary, is to question scientific knowledge, it is necessary to suspend judgments of value by abstracting ourselves from personal opinions, tastes and values.

Creativity can be applied in the search for solutions to various problems, in the form of products, services or processes. A problem can be a business opportunity because it is a need to be met.

Before starting the process of generating ideas, there is a factor that should be emphasized, FOCUS. The Focus is where our attention will focus (focus), so it is the starting point. Focus is the problem, the challenge or the improvement. It is the basis of work.

Idea generation techniques


The most well-known way to generate ideas is widely used. Using a group seeks to create ideas with a view to an objective. Like a storm, this technique can generate ideas in all directions. Not being a methodical technique, the results are unpredictable. Generating ideas at random does not always work. For ideas can escape our needs and goals.

This is my preferred technique for generating ideas. Several innovative ideas can be obtained with relative ease.


The fractioning technique allows you to seek the generation of ideas through the division of the Focus, so you want to divide to approach various solutions, or ideas. Focusing on themes and subtopics allows you to generate ideas based on the "root of the problem" that is the basis of what drives this exercise, Focus.

Inversion of Assumptions

The inversion of premises is nothing more than reversing the Focus, a technique is to use the word "no" or if Focus has the word "no" to remove it. In this way the generation of ideas appears on the inverted side.

Finally, given the fact that using the idea generation techniques can lead to a considerable amount of business ideas, it is necessary to evaluate them. In the article how to evaluate an idea, consider a series of factors that can be used in this evaluation. Let's brainstorm!

Posted on May 25, 2018 at 01:59 PM