The blog is essential in the industrial marketing strategy

In recent decades there has been a transformation in society, in the way of life and consumption. That is why the traditional marketing, as we knew a few years ago, is about to disappear and be replaced by a form of marketing that is making a lot of noise:  e l Inbound Marketing.

With the Inbound, consumers do not feel that the purpose of the company is to achieve sales, but that it goes beyond that, which seeks to offer you information capable of solving their problems. In this way, while in outbound marketing the companies themselves had to go out in search of new clients, now it is the users who turn to us for information and answers.

The corporate blog, the first step to the success of your strategy

A blog may sound very fresh, but corporate blogs increase the online visibility of companies. Currently, 46% of people read a blog more than once a day, so having your own blog could mean that your business appears more frequently on the search engine results pages, on social networks or even in the blogs of other users. The secret is to generate quality content and be clear about the topics to cover and the needs of your potential customers, or as in inbound terminology are known:  Buyer people.

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Why is it important to have a corporate blog?

Due to the benefits that a blog generates, nowadays it is an integral part of any marketing strategy. Why?

Help attract traffic to your website

Having traffic to your website is one of the main objectives of companies, where the blog plays a fundamental role. Blogs help boost traffic to your website and feed on search engines and social networks to do so.

Each time you write an article you create content that people can share on social networks, which helps more people to know your business.

Help convert traffic into prospects

Once you have traffic on your website, the opportunities to convert them into prospects begin. Your blog will attract traffic but will also help you channel that traffic towards conversion. How? Presenting your products and your offers and inviting them to download your content.

They help establish authority

If you constantly create content that is useful for your buyer, you will be able to position yourself as an authority in the sector. This is a particularly useful tool for sales and service professionals.

Drive long-term results

Unlike the Paid Media. The contents of the blog not only give immediate results, but for days, months and years continue to provide traffic and prospects.

Therefore, having a blog is essential in the industrial marketing strategy, it will allow you to attract new visitors and consumers will see your brand in a different way as you lead them to desired answers. Each new update will be a new door of opportunities!

Still have not convinced yourself? Let's know data!

Companies that have a blog generate an average of 55% more visits to their website, 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages. In the same way, 57% of companies have acquired a client through their blog and inbound marketing strategies, of which blogging is the fundamental part, cost 62% less than those that use outbound marketing. A bargain, right?

"Companies that have a blog generate on average 55% more visits to their website, 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages."

Therefore, if you are looking to be in the Top Ten in search positions you have to know that the blog will help you position yourself. But you cannot make a blog "because it's fashionable", it's important to be clear about your final goals and offer a differential value to your potential customers, an added value that makes the user decide to leave with you instead of your neighbor. You know, differ and you will win! That is the key to success.

Posted on May 25, 2018 at 01:59 PM